The 5 Tools That Help Me In My Walk with the Lord

You are busy. And lately, your schedule has been fuzzy. With everyone in the household going nowhere, little fires could ignite any time, especially if you’re abode is littered with children or one tiny human screaming for attention. With so much spectacle happening all around, from the outside soaking its way to our souls, it’s […]

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Cosmic Beauty

As I gaze the night sky, the moon shone bright behind scattered clouds. I couldn’t help but wonder in amazement, “What cosmic beauty!” The clouds at one moment may hinder the moon’s splendor, Yet its reflection couldn’t help but overflow with ardor. Creation’s magnificence invited me to come into deep thought. I said to myself, […]

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Ang Mubo nga Kinabuhi sa Tawo

Ang kinabuhi sa tao sama sa usa ka matahom nga buwak nga kalit lang milambo og mitubo sa kapatagan sa kalibutan. Apan sa kalit niining pagtunga kalit pod kining nawagtang. Wala manlang gani kini hinomdomi sa kanhi niyang puwesto.  Unsa man diay ang tumong niining mubo nga kinabuhi sa tao? Tinood ba kaha kining kinabuhi […]

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