redeem lost time
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Redeem Lost Time

I’m a serial time-waster. I’m not much of social media person, but boy, I’d squander most of my free time on Youtube. That’s not to say the platform is bad. It has its value. Say, you could be there to watch tutorial videos, interior ideas, boost your motivation, listen to music, or view stuff that […]

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Light of the World

“You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden. Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead, they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house. In the same way, let your light shine before others, that […]

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Unloading Soul Issues

If you happen to hear me pray, you’d be surprised to find it lathered with complaints, “Lord, why is this thing so hard?” or “What’s wrong with this person.” It’s always about the specific details of my circumstances, others, what they failed to do. Never about the ‘me’ factor in the issue. Agreed. It’s not […]

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prayer | provision

State Your Request

The little boy walked in the middle of the toy-ridden area rug. He stood in between me and my husband, who was hooked on a show. With a low voice and longing gaze, he asked for snacks. Failing to hear his request the first time, I asked him for a repeat. “I want to eat […]

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Gain a Heart of Wisdom

A motly of activities can chop huge chunks of our time, if we aren’t careful. I’m a full-time mom, at the same time, a career woman. On top of my household responsibilities — if you have kids, you know how messy a house could get — I feed, bathe, parent our 3-year-old, while also putting […]

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provision | work | worry

Not Headless. Never Will Be

How could a single workplace jargon instigate hours of worry in my mind? The trigger word was uttered in a meeting with the boss. The term itself doesn’t have a negative connotation. Nor does it stir up unnecessary emotions. The problem is in my interpretation and how it pertains to my current situation. For context, […]

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annointing | dependence on God | protection

Oil of Protection

Ambling its way to our car, a deer, as large as a steed, heads for the window to ask for carrot treats. Up close, I noticed the uninvited nuisances buzzing about its head. Groups of flies sitting and crawling and flitting. The vexed deer kept swinging its head up and down, left and right. But […]

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forgiveness | parenting

Reset the Mind by Remembering You are Forgiven

Deep sighs. Hot steam whirring out from my ears and nose. Voice threatening to boom. Before I became a parent, I thought I’m good at mastering irritation and managing anger. Dismayed, I find myself in competition with my husband. Whoever’s around endangers themself of cracking from our son’s whimpers for attention. When I blow up, […]

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grace | weakness

Weakened to Be Strengthened

Leaning against the handrails, I descended the stairs with meticulous, controlled steps. As each foot lands on the stair treads, soft thumping sounds and dramatic groans reverberate. Going to the basement used to be a ski downhill, but not this time. It turned into a sore chore. My husband acted as a human cane, while […]

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Stepping Out in Faith

Saying “I have faith in God” and walking by faith means two different things. After all, many have spoken and written words without substance in our social media society. Expressions that appear like a tantalizing 3-layer fondant cake, bedecked with daisies and jelly candies on a shop’s window. But when examined closely, it only reveals […]

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