meditating God's Word

Muse Vs Amuse: What’s the Difference?

Muse and Amuse. It’s interesting how these two words look almost identical yet mean different things. Here’s the definition from,  Muse: to be absorbed in one’s thoughts; engage in thought. Amuse:  to keep pleasantly occupied; entertain; divert Can you make the distinction? It’s subtle. Allow me to put it in simpler terms. When amused, […]

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grace | judgement

Grace, Not Judgement

Standing distinct a few steps from the department store’s entrance, she did her best averting people’s judgemental gazes. Her smooth, well-painted face scanned for an imaginary companion, begging to hurry up so they could leave. And fast. Her complexion glowed high income. She stood expensive. Dressed expensive. Low-wage mall loafers, like myself, would naturally admire […]

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evangelism | faith | grace | smallness | weakness

Clayish Expectations

People concoct certain expectations of you after moving abroad, especially if you immigrated to a wealthier nation. No one is to blame. I myself hold this kind of mindset. Exposed to lack and deprivation from my growing years, I believe flying out of the country is my only ticket out of scarcity. Of course, not […]

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forgiveness | parenting

Teaching Children About Forgiveness

As parents, we were automatically handed the responsibility to teach our children. I’ve seen this picture play out many times in the media. Mommy or daddy relates the life lesson to little one while they listen and obey. Perfect as it may paint, it doesn’t translate to real life. The teaching moment usually happens when […]

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encouragement | pride | sin | smallness

Finding Our True Boast

Lounging on a gray accent chair, my eyes couldn’t help but survey the conspicuous tree enlivening our space for the Christmas season. They lingered at the blinking white star on top, moving along to the garish ornaments, bedazzling the faux evergreen, then sideways to our blue velvet sofa. In a blur, I was transported back […]

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marriage | relationships

How To Be Strongly Tied With Your Spouse

In the Filipino culture, we value ‘strong family ties’. That is, we do not completely leave our mothers and fathers when we get married. When older children get married (mostly males), they do not go and build their new nest to a far away place. They’d simply hammer out extensions from their parents’ old homes […]

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career | grace | mind | weakness | work

Strength in Weakness? How Can that Be?

I’m ashamed to admit I have difficulty comprehending work-related stuff, grasp the concepts discussed in technical meetings and courses, and solve difficult tasks. Unfortunately for me, this happens most of the time. I’m in the IT industry. That world is always evolving, advancing. Innovation almost happens overnight. And if you can’t adapt and continuously improve, […]

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