redeem lost time
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Redeem Lost Time

I’m a serial time-waster. I’m not much of social media person, but boy, I’d squander most of my free time on Youtube. That’s not to say the platform is bad. It has its value. Say, you could be there to watch tutorial videos, interior ideas, boost your motivation, listen to music, or view stuff that […]

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Focus For The Wandering Mind

I marshal my attention to remain alert with the monotonous voice, talking on the wireless headphones. My eyes heavy, scanning bullet points from one PowerPoint slide to another. They all resemble the same, dull. I tilt my head, eyes shooting for my phone screen, checking every minute. I yearn for salvation from a message, an […]

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The 5 Tools That Help Me In My Walk with the Lord

You are busy. And lately, your schedule has been fuzzy. With everyone in the household going nowhere, little fires could ignite any time, especially if you’re abode is littered with children or one tiny human screaming for attention. With so much spectacle happening all around, from the outside soaking its way to our souls, it’s […]

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