annointing | dependence on God | protection

Oil of Protection

Ambling its way to our car, a deer, as large as a steed, heads for the window to ask for carrot treats. Up close, I noticed the uninvited nuisances buzzing about its head. Groups of flies sitting and crawling and flitting. The vexed deer kept swinging its head up and down, left and right. But […]

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dependence on God | grace | weakness

Shine Like Stars in the Sky

Isn’t it frustrating to keep repeating a negative behavior by default, when you know you shouldn’t? I love my job but not every task is enjoyable. Some are tedious, manual, irksome. On days I’m working on the unwanteds, negativity pollutes the atmosphere. I scratch my head, groan, and bleat in protestation. My husband called me […]

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