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The Mess I Can’t Clean

December 14, 2020

Imagine a toddler doing their utter best not to make a mess, not to spill their drinks, not to stain their clothes so mommy will be pleased. If you’re a parent, you’d probably roll your eyes after reading that.

That’s how we approach God. We thought (or are taught) we’d have to clean our act first, do good, be sinless before coming to Him.

How long have you held on to that belief and… crickets, many years have passed, still, zero progress in that department.

Know why?

Because it’s impossible! We can’t. No one can. Not even the best of us can. Yes, even the Apostle Paul. Or the Pope. What makes us think we can?


My 3-year-old messes himself every time he slurps a blueberry popsicle. The frozen juice splotches his white t-shirt. Streaks of purplish ink roll down his arm. Smears on his chin. Puddles of sugary liquid on the table. Pellets of ice on the floor.

He whines when he’s done, demanding mommy to come and get rid of the plastic popsicle stick in his hand. And fast. Blanch ice dangerously dangling on the popsicle stick. He gets off the dining chair and dashes to the next affair.

I grab his arm and point to his clothes. “Look. You’re soiled.” He tries to rub off the stains. Nope, that won’t do. I step in. He finally consents. I wash him clean and change into fresh, new clothes.

We all are like little children in our feeble attempts to scrub ourselves clean. On our own, we will never be spotless no matter how much we try. 

We came to this world tainted like spots of blueberry juice on a white t-shirt. We are born that way due to our first parents, Adam and Eve’s, disobedience. 

Being born a sinner because of someone else’s rebellion might be unfair but don’t despair. Redemption into righteousness is possible.


Through one man’s obedience.

For as by the one man’s disobedience the many were made sinners, so by the one man’s obedience the many will be made righteous.

~ Romans 5:19 ESV

Consider the cross. Look at what Christ did, hanging on that tree. He went there not for Himself. He is the payment for our sins. His life in exchange for yours and mine. He died for us. He doesn’t have to. But He willingly did. Hallelujah!

We can’t rub off or scrub out our failings and sins. God knows it’s the mess we can’t clean but He can cleanse.

Will you let Him?

You might ask. Why does it need my consent? Because unlike being born into this world a sinner, salvation isn’t automatic. It must be willingly received.

God doesn’t force anybody. He wants humble hearts. He wants us to come to him in our own volition. 

So simply come. Just as you are. No matter how tattered and spotted, dark smears on our garments and faces and souls. Allow Jesus’ sacrifice to wash you clean, making you new.


Hey! If you want to know more about salvation and receive the Lord Jesus Christ in your life, click this link to find out how. Or pray this salvation prayer.

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