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Eternity’s Answer to Transient Troubles

November 16, 2020

My eyes gape open when I read the scribbles of the pediatrician on our 1-year-old’s medical record. No, this can’t be true! Despite the glaring pieces of evidence, the irritations, the itching, the open wounds, I refuse to admit something is wrong with my baby. What parent would?

The doctor hands me another paper with instructions on how to care for my son’s sensitive skin and prescribes a topical cream to help clear out the redness. I force a smile, politely say thanks, and bid the doctor goodbye. On our way out, my eyes spot the random floor tiles with a feet design, directing our steps to the right door. My heart dejected.

When we reach home, I plop down on our living room sofa with our little boy in my arms. I held him tight. As my eyes scan his damaged skin, I disintegrate on the inside. All the bottled up heaviness burst open, breaking up the morning calm.

How do you handle an emotionally stirring report that shambles your calm?


When the stock market crashes?

When the news media reports your worst fears?

When the medical report came back negative?

When your company files for bankruptcy or when you receive an email of termination of service?

When your bank account threatens a negative?

Where you do find the strength to get through the heart-shattering seasons of life?

Three days have passed and I’m sitting on the couch, weary and listless. It took me that long to realize something is causing it. I got down on my knees and ask God to show me. Turns out, it’s due to the negativity circulating in our world.

Believe it or not, bad news takes a toll on our souls. 

I open my Bible and ask the Lord for strength like food for the hungry. The nourishment came from 2 Corinthians 4:17-18,

… we look not to the things that are seen but to the things that are unseen. For the things that are seen are transient, but the things that are unseen are eternal.

When we shift our perspective to the eternal, we gain a new understanding of the momentary. One day, it will all pass away.

Eternity’s peace can supply us with strength from our transient troubles.

Will you allow God’s peace to lift the heaviness out from your soul?

You are not built to carry it. Unload it. Don’t let it go unaddressed.


It will eventually swell and explode, making us lose control of our emotions. It pops up in unprofitable ways like anger, irritability, or anything that appears like ammunitions, hurting yourself and others in the wake. Mine in the first story above developed into depression for two long years. Not a fun place to be. Thankfully, God led me to the door of liberty.

When heart-shattering news hits, remember to search for steps of freedom. Allow the Words written in the Scriptures to speak life to your soul. Follow the path of victory.

This could be reading the Bible, a devotional, or listening to a preacher to help you comprehend the treasures hidden within.

When you do, you will gain eternity’s perspective. And receive heaven’s supply of strength to get you through the temporary.

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