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Holding Back Offense When I Can’t

There’s this person in my life, who knows where to push the wrong buttons without being intentional. Our conversations usually start out casual, familial. We go through the customary ‘how are you doing’ exchange, catch up on life, kids, the economy. We then move to deeper, emotional topics until… bam! In the multitude of words […]

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evangelism | peace | wisdom

Eternity’s Answer to Transient Troubles

My eyes gape open when I read the scribbles of the pediatrician on our 1-year-old’s medical record. No, this can’t be true! Despite the glaring pieces of evidence, the irritations, the itching, the open wounds, I refuse to admit something is wrong with my baby. What parent would? The doctor hands me another paper with […]

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lifestyle | mind | rest

Focus For The Wandering Mind

I marshal my attention to remain alert with the monotonous voice, talking on the wireless headphones. My eyes heavy, scanning bullet points from one PowerPoint slide to another. They all resemble the same, dull. I tilt my head, eyes shooting for my phone screen, checking every minute. I yearn for salvation from a message, an […]

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evangelism | nakedness | shame

Why We Hide When Naked?

Yitzhak crossed his arms, covering his naked body from the waist up. He did this after I’ve removed the juice-smeared t-shirt off his 3-year-old frame. Is it a deliberate act? is my toddler aware of his nakedness? Or is it one of his many cute antics’? Shame. We all have them. It’s an age-old problem […]

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How to Have the Faith Like a Child’s

My 3-year-old extended his little hand to me, inviting me to come for an elevator ride, except there is no elevator in sight. Where is he taking me then? I paused midthought, settled the laptop down, and let him led the way. We ended up at the washroom door. He then pushed an imaginary button, […]

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Be Patient with Yourself

I get feverish whenever we make plans to go somewhere on a holiday, but the actual trip, sitting hours and hours to get us to our intended destination wearies me out. Imagine booking a flight to visit family and friends halfway across the cross. You’re excited about packing, in fact, you did it a month […]

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prayer | real stories

Simply Ask

I settled my handphone down the soft seat cushion of our blue sofa. Vitality drained out of my pores. I let out a deep sigh. What a talented wordsmith. I can never be… My body slouched, sinking lower and lower, wishing I could conceal myself in the interior of the feather fillings underneath the seat […]

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Beauty in Wisdom

It has been said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But let’s face it! If that beholder lives in the modern world, hooked online: Facebook, Youtube, Hollywood then their standard of beauty is heavily influenced by the media. Beauty is prized in our society. You see it everywhere! On billboards, magazines, TV, […]

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